Founding & assignment
Founded on May 22nd 1945 by M. Raymond Triboulet, 1st French Sub-prefect after the Liberation, the Comité du Débarquement is a no-profit-making Association (Law of 1901), and is located at Bayeux.

From the beginning, the Comité du Débarquement's task was " to manage the commemorations of the D.Day" landings on the Norman beaches, especially by opening out to regional tourism. The Comité du Débarquement became the 1st Association to organize remembrance tourism in Normandy.

The Comité du débarquement's aim has always been the commemoration of the first hours of the liberation of France and of Europe, and thus to show gratitude to veterans and to pass down to younger generations what the fight for freedom in June 1944 was about.

M. Triboulet was elected Member of Parliament in November 1946. He made the National Assembly vote unanimously in favour of the Law of May 21st 1947 which gives the commemorations of June 6th their national importance.
This law also states that the government is responsible for the preparations of the commemorations without preventing new initiatives for the building of memorials.